Studio Apartment Decorating

    Moving in New York is quite the challenge.  This is the third time we have moved our daughter in Manhattan.  First time--from Virginia to downtown; second time--from downtown to Washington Heights; third time--from Washington Heights to the Upper West Side.  I sincerely hope she stays here a while.  This studio apartment definitely has its charm, but you pay for that charm in New York.  She moved from a two-bedroom apartment to a studio, so less square footage for quite a bit more money.  Yes, she has a doorman, a rooftop deck and solarium that is quite nice.  I was determined to help her get this apartment set up before I came back home.

    This is the "before" picture that was pictured in the real estate ads.
    Since I had never been in the apartment to take measurements, I used these pictures as a guide for furniture placement.
    Another "before" picture from a different angle.
    We brought a smaller couch with a sofa bed, since there really isn't room for guests here.  We used the cocktail table she had in her old apartment.

    We painted her red sofa table gold and used it behind the couch for lamps and accessories.  Again, the size of the apartment did not allow for large end tables.
    The cream and gold rug was purchased at At Home.  We brought it from Virginia with the couch and various other items when we drove up.

    We put up this curtain to separate the sleeping area from the living area.  It is sheer so the light comes through.  The dresser does double duty as it holds her clothes and her tv.

    She uses her vintage sewing machine table as a desk.  
    The mirror was in the apartment.  We thought about moving it, but we were told we had to store it if we didn't use it.  So we just placed this table in front, and the glasses reflecting in the mirror look quite nice.
    Her bar cart sits between the sofa and the sleeping area.
    We used the chest opposite the bed, on the same side of the room as the sofa.  We changed out the sconces and used some that were a little more "girly".
    I found this small table at a consignment store.  It had been used in our city's symphony house and it was the perfect size.  Of course, I placed a picture of my daughter and I on the table!!
    This picture is a bit blurry, sorry, but I wanted to show the closet and the little vintage shelving unit.  We also used her coat rack as you can see.
    Since this was around Christmas, I made her a wreath for the mirror.  No room for a Christmas tree!
    In the hall, we put her shelf table.  She uses it for decor and more importantly, for her keys when she comes in the door.
    The kitchen is tineeeee!!  She was upset that when they painted, they ended the paint in the middle of the wall.  We just had them come back and paint to the corner.  It looks much better now.
    Not much room here.  Doing dishes is a bit awkward because of the placement of the sink.  But it works for just one person.
    This shows the hall as you are coming in the door.  She has another deep closet here, which is nice.
    You can see her canopy bed with the curtain as you come in.
    We found these venetian shelves and put them over the toilet in the bathroom.
    Another view of the bed and desk from the living area.
    The bistro table and chairs are near the hall.
    The curtain can be opened if she so desires.
    The artwork above the sofa was a great Tuesday Morning find.  All the soft colors really went well with our pink, gold, and cream theme.
    And the "After"!  Hope you enjoyed our Upper West Side Manhattan Studio apartment tour!

    Easter Fun

    Thought I'd get a jump start on spring!  I believe the weather in Virginia this year has been spring-like at times.  We recently experienced an 80-degree day in the middle of February!  I'm not complaining, though.  I will glady take those days any time I can get them.

    I discovered these cute moss-covered bunnies and carrots at a floral design shop.  Thought they would be cute on the mantle, or on the table.  So let's get a jump start on spring and think bunnies, eggs, and carrots!
    These fun carrots could be cute lying a napkin, on top of your dinner plate, or as shown here, hanging from the chandelier!
    Towering candle holders hold moss balls, and a plain table runner allows all focus to be on the decor.
    This bunny is carrying mini eggs...
    A vintage bunny oval vase is the perfect container for fresh flowers.
    A lazy bunny!

    Mini moss balls, mini bunnies, and crystal votives finish off the design.
    The table is set with green and yellow plates, floral napkins, and

    crystal stems...
     The party is just about ready to begin!!
    Easter is Sunday, April 16th!  We have plenty of time to get ready!!

    Hugs and Kisses

     What the world needs now is love, sweet love.  Now, more than ever before, we need love.  The hate, anger, bitterness and division is breaking our country apart, not to mention friendships and sometimes, even families.  And why?  How wonderful that we are all so passionate about our country that we have an opinion as to how things should be done. What's not so wonderful is how it is interpreted by others.  Posting political links and opinions on social media, I believe, only incites anger, leading to more posting, and more anger.  Everyone is entitled to what they believe.  That's how our country was founded--freedom of speech.  Let's do our best to respect others, but not incite anger.  I am so thankful for our freedoms, opportunities, and this wonderful, beautiful country.  If we all live by this rule--"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you", would the anger, violence, and division be a thing of the past?  I don't know, but I do know it certainly wouldn't be a bad thing.  So this Valentine's Day, let's celebrate love.  Let's hug and kiss. Let's eat chocolate, drink wine, and dance.  That's what I intend to do!!
    Enjoy a little love today!
    Red wine, red roses, and red hearts!

    Sending hugs and kisses to you today!