A Night of White

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A Night of White

For so many years, the first day of school felt like the beginning of a new year instead of January 1st.  Today, with no one in my household going to school, it just feels like any other day.  But things have been too hectic to notice, and there will be no pity party here.  We have had a wonderful family beach vacation, an earthquate, a moving-child #2-to-college-day, a hurricane, and a Labor Day party. 

We packed up and left the beach on Thursday, August 25th, knowing a hurricane was on its way and also knowing that we needed to move child #2 into his dorm.  We arrived home Thursday evening, unpacked, got some sleep, got up and packed again, headed to the western part of Virginia for college move-in day.  We got home around 12:30 that night, and woke up the next morning to pouring rain.  It seemed the hurricane was moving in, and we had not secured our yard.  So hubby and friend took down tents, secured lawn furniture, and accessories, and we waited it out.  Power was out for three days, but luckily we had installed a generator two years ago.  We had power to refrigerators, freezers, some outlets, and lights.  No stove, oven, AC, and various other lights.  We were lucky.  Many neighbors lost hundreds of dollars worth of meat and frozen food items.  Here is what our yard looked like, nothing compared to some!
And another...

Lots of fallen leaves...

A clean-up began, and since fall is one of the best times to enjoy the outdoors, we decided to put the tents back up and we began to consider having a Labor Day party.  My daughter came up with the idea to have a White Party, a last time to wear white for this season!  I know, this is an old southern rule, and no one pays much attention to it anymore, but we still adhere to the "no white shoes after Labor Day" rule.  So planning for A Night of White began.  This was sort of a spur of the moment get-together, and by no means an all-out invite everyone kind of party.  We stuck mostly to neighbors, and knew that many people would already have plans. 

We decorated the yard with black candle yard stakes, tied with white ribbon, white candles, and globes.  Planters held magnolia leaves, baker, white carnations, white pillar candles and hurricane globes.

A console held an urn filled with white hydrangeas and white planters held white impatiens and ivy.

We tied the tent drapes back with white satin ribbon, and tied white ribbon on planters.  White tablecloths covered all the tables.

Round tables held clear vases filled with shells, calla lillies, and waterfall pearls. 

Mirrors were used on all tables.  This arrangement held carnations and white daisy mums in a shell vase.

Food table--garden planters held white glads, daisy mums, and carnations.

Things got shuffled around a bit before I had the opportunity to take pictures, but you get the idea, hopefully!!

Things get quite hectic the last hour before.

Our guests begin to arrive, decked out in white!

This guest would never miss a party!!  Glad to be back, I've missed being here, and I've definitely got some catching up to do.  I will be visiting with you soon.  Thanks for visiting with me and I always appreciate your kind comments! 

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